Devil In Disguise

Everyone’s favorite secretary wore an all red dress to a black and white party. I knew she was a rebel, I just didn’t know how much of a rebellion she actually was. I seen her plenty of times hanging around the office but I always brushed her off being that I kept my eyes towards a greater prize, but sometimes I would sneak a little peak and look at her from my peripheral vision. I mean who in they right mind wouldn’t stop what they were doing and stare at this magnificent creature that the man upstairs created, but from the way she always wore that passion red lipstick you would think she was the work of the devil. And as the old folks would say she had a coca-cola bottle type of body.

As the love of my life was associating with people, I walked over to the bar. Sipping on a Heineken and watching everyone mingle, here comes the beautiful secretary ordering herself a margarita, sipping and rubbing her finger around the rim of a glass. We never spoke words until now. She asked me how I was doing and started making little jokes about this evening. I couldn’t help but crack a few jokes with her being that I was bored out of my mind as well. I knew my girl would want to be here all night, me on the other-hand, I would rather be sitting on my couch with nothing on but my boxers playing Uncharted 3 on the PS3. 

The secretary begin to tell me about this club down the street that just opened up and that it would more fun than hanging around a bunch of people that I see every weekday. I thought about it for a few minutes before giving an answer. Took one last sip of the Heineken and walked over to my girl and whispered in her that I was leaving. She didn’t really respond to me. More so ignoring me. I guess she was really into that conversation that they were having, which would’ve put me into bed early. I walked back to the bar and before I spoke, me and the beautiful secretary with the red dress on rushed through everyone and out the door.

As the rain started to pour down from the night sky on us, we quickly got into a cab. She said “instead of standing outside the club let’s go back to your place and hang out.” I was a little skeptical about that, but there is no way in hell that I could pass this up. Images begin to run through my head as I thought about having wild, drunk, crazy, passionate, sex with the woman that sat beside me as rode to my appointment. I felt the need to have fun, rather it was legal or not, and tonight I wanted to have fun with her, and I didn’t give a damn about the outcome.

We made it to my appointment in 10 minutes, the doorman walked over and opened the door. We got out the cab and headed inside and towards the elevators. As the elevator started to come down, I felt her looking directly at me, she was sucking on a lollipop and I so desperately wanted to be the thing that she put in her mouth. I shook my head. I had to get that thought out of my head quickly. The door to the elevator and walked in. Before I could even press to the the number to go up to my appointment she bomb rush me. Not in a bad way, in a heavenly way. She pushed the emergency stop button and being to jump on me. Kissing me on my neck. My hand moving under her dress. She wore no panties, no thong, no nothing, just bare and she was already dripping wet. 

I unzipped her dress from the back and she came out of it slowly, she wore no bra either, she was completely nude and I knew the security people was sitting in that room of theirs watching us. Watching her rip open my shirt, unbuttoning and unzipping my pants, watching her get down on her knees and take all of me in her mouth. Watching her grip me with both of hands, licking and sucking the tip, working me as if she were eating an ice cream cone, trying to make sure non wasted on her. Got damn this girl was absolutely something serious. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

She slowly got up from me and pressed her back against the wall of the elevator and begin to rub on her pussy. I knew she wasn’t done with me and that she wanted more of me. I moved towards her, so ready to ignite her engine, but she put her hand on my chest to stop me. That made me want her even more. She moved her hand away from her pussy and put her finger on my lips. I licked them. And I wanted to taste her even more, so I pulled her down on the floor with me, spread open her legs and begin to eat that pussy as if I was on death row and I knew I wouldn’t be getting a meal like this ever again.

When she came, she quickly told me to lay down on the floor. She begin to ride me outrageously. Moving her hips in every ever possible. Twerking on me. I begin to nut. But instead of calming down I stayed hard, whatever this girl was doing, she was doing an amazing job. I’m a have to remind her boss to give her raise come Monday morning. She got up from me and assumed the mother fucking position. I got up behind her and started searching for a weapon. With my hands gently fondling her breast, kissing her neck, while inside of her once again. 3 hours of being locked in her with here and I sure as hell didn’t want to stop until the door finally opens and several people standing there, including my girl, watching me and her.

posted : Friday, October 19th, 2012